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Kanye West infuriated his crowd in San Jose, California, on Thursday evening by telling them that he didn’t vote — but if he had, it would have been for “genius” Donald Trump. After announcing his support for the president-elect, West received a loud wave of boos, and many of his fans walked out of the concert […]
As students walked out of their classes in Rockville, Maryland, on Wednesday while ironically chanting “love trumps hate,” a 15-year-old student who supports the president-elect was viciously attacked by a mob of protesters. Hundreds of students from Richard Montgomery High School left classes around 10:00 AM. The media was quick to describe the protest as “peaceful” […]
The internet was set ablaze on Sunday evening after a Reddit and 4Chan noticed that John Podesta and his brother Tony have a striking resemblance to police sketches from the disappearance of three-year-old girl in 2007. We found your pedophile suspects @metpoliceuk. You're welcome.#DNCLeak2 pic.twitter.com/H8kF1jWGUN — Jared Wyand ?? (@JaredWyand) November 7, 2016 On May […]
Bernie Sanders has taken to social media to defend the “basket of deplorables” from the charges being made against them by Hillary Clinton, her campaign, and her supporters. On Saturday afternoon, the Vermont Senator tweeted to his nearly four million followers that he does not believe Donald Trump’s supporters are racist or sexist, as they […]
FBI Director James Comey was reportedly warned by the Justice Department against sending a letter to Congress regarding the discovery of new emails relevant to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and the Justice Department, firmly stood against Comey sending the letter — and “the position of the department was […]
While Hillary Clinton repeatedly promises to “defend the Affordable Care Act,” her husband seems to have some trouble keeping his mouth shut — and has criticized it yet again on the campaign trail. Clinton’s campaign website states she will “stand up to Republican-led attacks on this landmark law—and build on its success to bring the […]
With elections falling just after Halloween, we almost always end up seeing people making political statements through their costume choices and jack-o-lanterns — this year’s invent of the Trumpkin is really something special, though. “The great thing about the Trumpkin is that it works for both Trump supporters and opponents. Fans of Trump can show their pride by decorating […]
James O’Keefe, the controversial guerilla journalist producing undercover videos of Democratic Party operatives for Project Veritas, has released a third video — which he says implicates Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile directly. O’Keefe had announced that the video was coming on Friday, and warned that he had a deadman’s switch set up to release it […]