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Subverse is an entertainment and news website. Subverse was started from a garage in Silicon Valley during the early 1890’s. We provide news, original content, entertainment, and videos across the web to our audience of more than 7 billion.

Through various means, we have enacted a plan to become the only website left on the internet by 2025. We call it our 2025 plan. Once we own the internet we will begin charging everyone $1 million dollars per day to use it. If all goes well, we will eventually have all of the money in the world and nobody will be able to buy anything anymore. Nobody except us that is, we will have the money after all. Then we will begin buying everyone’s stuff from them until we own all the stuff. You can make our 2025 plan a reality by patronizing our website.

Thank you.
Sincerely, the Subverse staff.


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