Colleges Cancelling Tests, Holding ‘Cry-Ins,’ as Tantrums Erupt on Campuses

Colleges Cancelling Tests, Holding ‘Cry-Ins,’ as Tantrums Erupt on Campuses

Colleges Cancelling Tests, Holding ‘Cry-Ins,’ as Tantrums Erupt on Campuses


All the special snowflakes, who were so smugly convinced that Hillary Clinton would win the election, are now being pampered by their colleges as they have massive temper-tantrums on campus.

Many universities cancelled classes on Wednesday, and in some cases kept them cancelled on Thursday, after Donald Trump’s major victory. 

University of Connecticut, University of Rochester, and Iowa State University all cancelled their classes on Wednesday.

“Because I know this process has been difficult for many of you (emotionally and mentally), I wanted to let you know that I’m not taking roll in class tomorrow,” University of Connecticut English professor Breann Leake wrote in an email to her students, noting that “there are a lot of very real, very serious issues at stake.”

Over at the University of Rochester, Professor Karl Mohn cancelled his classes because he just couldn’t bear to discuss the election with his students, like adults.

“To be perfectly honest, I have a hard time justifying today sitting face-to-face with you and saying with a straight face: ‘Yes, some of our lives and livelihoods are literally in more danger today than they were yesterday, but hey-let’s talk about your thesis statement,’” Mohn wrote in an email to students.

Campus Reform also obtained a copy of an email obtained by a student at Iowa State University.

Yale students successfully got their professor to make their midterm exam optional.

Another professor, Jo Lynn Pack, at the South Louisiana Community College cancelled classes on Wednesday and Thursday, because she needed another day.

This was also the case at the University of Washington.

The president of the University of Washington also sent students and faculty a letter informing them that they would be doing some group healing in the university’s “Unity Room.”


Liberal Cornell students held a “cry in” on Wednesday, to “mourn” not getting their way.

“We need to just take a break and just cry before … tomorrow we get back up and keep fighting, because people feel really, really powerless,” Zoe Maisel co-president of Planned Parenthood Generation Action at Cornell told the Daily Sun.

Stanford University offered their snowflakes counseling and psychological services.

At New York Law School, a professor turned his class into a space to whine about the election instead of teaching.

“The syllabus is being tossed out the window today so everybody can greive [sic] and vent their feelings,” the student told the College Fix, adding that “assigned cases and topics were left untouched.”

“That’s around $770 of education just today that I’m not getting.”

Perhaps it is time for college campuses to stop pandering to these young adults so that they can learn to function in society.