Family Receives Letter From Man Shot and Killed 14 Years Ago

Family Receives Letter From Man Shot and Killed 14 Years Ago

Family Receives Letter From Man Shot and Killed 14 Years Ago


The California family of man murdered in a drive-by shooting over a decade ago received a welcome surprise thanks to one of his former high school teachers.

Aaron Vickers was just 19-years-old was he was killed in 2002.

Two years prior to his death, in 2000, his teacher Daryl Hutchins had asked his class to write letters to their future selves — and promised to mail them back in 10 years.

When Hutchins went to search for an address for Vickers however, he learned of his untimely death. He then tracked down the family to send them the precious gift.

“May 23rd 2000, Aaron wrote a letter to his future self and it was a high school assignment. From the high school assignment that Aaron wrote to himself, the teacher kept it,” Aaron’s sister, Tyra Vickers-Kearney explained to CBS News.

His sister explained that the family was intensely anxious as they awaited the letter.

“The days waiting for the letter, the anticipation was so high. We were wondering, what did the letter say? You know, I hope it’s not like a one-liner,” Tyra Vickers-Kearney said.

What arrived was a beautiful four-page letter filled with their lost loved one’s hopes and dreams for the future.

“When I opened the letter and saw his handwriting, tears filled my eyes,”  Tyra Vickers-Kearney said.

The family described feeling like they had him back for that moment, as they read the handwritten letter.

“I’ve never felt his presence like that in the past 14 years, but I felt like he was sitting right next to the side of me as she was reading this letter,” Aaron’s mother Deanetta Vickers said of the letter.

In the letter, he said that in the next 10-years he thought there might be a black vice president, or perhaps the first woman president. Vickers also expressed his desire for a family of his own. His son was born shortly after his murder, he is now 13-years-old. He was named after his father.

The person who killed him has never been caught.