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Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein may not be polling high enough for a realistic shot at the oval office, but she has gained a loyal base of grassroots support — deservedly, because she is a badass. In honor of Stein’s bold words and actions, we have decided to honor the candidate with a list […]
The fire department in Spokane, Washington, believes that a toddler’s dog had attempted to save the young child’s life during a horrific house fire — and sacrificed his own. The three-year-old toddler’s body was found next to a teddy bear and his beloved mixed-breed terrier, after a large consumed their home on Friday evening around […]
editor’s note: Subverse welcomes all political ideologies in its op-ed section. This article does not represent the political position of the company. Having grown up in a major city I can’t help but feel that my being a liberal was a product of being influenced by those around me. Most of my life I felt […]
Over the past several years we have seen political opinions pull further and further to the right or to the left. Trump supporters call Hillary the worst candidate ever, a liar, a criminal while others say Trump is literally Hitler or that he is extremely racist. But the reason for these opinions isn’t entirely due to […]
Thanks to a team of specialists in Brazil, a tortoise that lost a large part of its shell in a forest fire recieved a 3D-printed prosthetic replacement. According to a press release by The Huffington Post, the female tortoise, named Fred, survived the intense fire, two bouts of pneumonia and not eating anything for 45 […]
What Is It? Pokémon Go, was released on July 6. It’s specifically a mobile game app that celebrates the game’s designer Tajiri’s initial idea and the original 151 Pokémon. Available for both iPhone and Android operating systems,the game uses your device’s ability to track time and your location, and wants you to catch Pokémon the same […]
“What do you think I’m going to do? Blow my brains out?” These were allegedly Terry Kath’s final words before he accidentally shot himself in his head in 1978. A fatal gunshot wound. Blood covered the walls. Terry Kath was only one week shy of his 32nd birthday when he accidentally shot himself. The singer, […]