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Kanye West Booed at Concert for Praising Donald Trump

Kanye West infuriated his crowd in San Jose, California, on Thursday evening by telling them that he didn’t vote — but if he had, it would have been for “genius” Donald Trump. After announcing his support for the president-elect, West received a loud wave of boos, and many of his fans walked out of the concert […]

What a Trump Rally is Really Like, Through the Eyes of a Supporter

Editor’s note: Subverse Staff met Rafael Ender at the Leesburg Trump Rally. We felt that Rafael’s experience would be a good contrast to the media reports of angry, racist, and ignorant Trump supporters.  Here are Ender’s unedited reflections on his first Trump rally: The energy, the excitement, the intensity was off the charts! The line […]

Transgender Muslim Woman Brutally Butchered After Father Called for Her Death on TV

A Muslim transgender woman was brutally murdered in Russia, days after her wedding — and after her own father called for her to be killed. Raina Aliev, 25, had just underwent a sex change operation in Moscow about a month before her wedding to a man named Viktor. Days after the ceremony, she was savagely […]

College Student Blackmails Disney on Twitter to Pay Her Tuition

As college tuition continues to leave millennials in crippling debt, one student has come up with a plan to try and have those bills taken care of — she’s blackmailing Disney on Twitter. The woman was at a restaurant at the Disneyland theme park in Southern California when she noticed an extremely bold rat channeling […]

Confessions of an Anonymous Liberal Trump supporter

editor’s note: Subverse welcomes all political ideologies in its op-ed section. This article does not represent the political position of the company. Having grown up in a major city I can’t help but feel that my being a liberal was a product of being influenced by those around me. Most of my life I felt […]