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Yikes! The Average Single Male Only Changes His Sheets 4 Times Per Year

So where do bed bugs find a cozy place to thrive? A recent survey revealed the average bachelor only changes his sheets four times a year. The survey revealed that men aged 18-25 were the most unhygienic. The survey that was performed in the U.K. broke down cleanliness by age group. Unsurprisingly, young men between […]

A Man Who Survived A Shipwreck In 1871 Overcame His Fears To Sail Again in 1911 And Died In The Sinking Of The Titanic

Mr Ramon Artagaveytia was born in July 1840 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He was the son of Ramon Fermin Artagaveytia and Maria Josefa Marcisa Gomez y Calvo. Ramon was born to a family entangled in the history of the sea, according to family legend, Ramon’s grandfather gave Ramon’s father an oar moments before his death, dedicated […]

Hugh Jackman Gets Bodybuilding Advice From The Rock, And The Rock Calls Him ‘Wolverine’

When Hugh Jackman needed to prepare to become the superhero “The Wolverine,” He turned to someone who knew how to bring his physique to super status – Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. Hugh had built up his body for the previous Wolverine film and earlier “X-Men” films, but he was about to step into “Les […]

Injured Tortoise Gets New Hand Painted 3D Printed Shell

Thanks to a team of specialists in Brazil, a tortoise that lost a large part of its shell in a forest fire recieved a 3D-printed prosthetic replacement. According to a press release by The Huffington Post, the female tortoise, named Fred, survived the intense fire, two bouts of pneumonia and not eating anything for 45 […]

Pokemon Go Is Causing Serious Injuries

What Is It? Pokémon Go, was released on July 6. It’s specifically a mobile game app that celebrates the game’s designer Tajiri’s initial idea and the original 151 Pokémon. Available for both iPhone and Android operating systems,the game uses your device’s ability to track time and your location, and wants you to catch Pokémon the same […]

The Lead Singer Of Chicago Died After Picking Up A 9mm Pistol, Saying, “Don’t worry about it… Look, the clip’s not even in it,” Then Put It To His Head And Pulled The Trigger

“What do you think I’m going to do? Blow my brains out?” These were allegedly Terry Kath’s final words before he accidentally shot himself in his head in 1978. A fatal gunshot wound. Blood covered the walls. Terry Kath was only one week shy of his 32nd birthday when he accidentally shot himself. The singer, […]

Man So Infuriated About Losing Knife Fight In Counter Strike, He Tracked Down His Opponent And Stabbed Him In Real Life.

Julien Barreaux, 20, told authorities he wanted to see his nemesis “wiped out” after his character in the game Counter-Strike was killed in a virtual knife fight. Barreaux then located the victim, named only as Mikhael, several miles from his home. Barreaux  planned to kill his rival player for seven months before showing up at the […]

The Man Who Walked Around The World And The Woman Who Waited For Him

  The day of  his 45th birthday,  Jean Béliveau went out for a walk. The Quebec native crossed over Montreal’s Jacque Cartier Bridge in Montreal, where he once dreamed up the idea of escaping his life as a salesman nine months earlier and continued for 75.554  kilometers through 64 countries. He went through 54 pairs of shoes […]

Mentalist Derren Brown Convinced American Clerks To Accept Blank Paper As Currency

British illusionist and performer Derren Brown, who is best known for combining magic, suggestion, psychology, and misdirection often achieves the seemingly impossible. He is known for his mind-reading acts as well as predicting and controlling human behavior. Many have tried to reveal Derren’s tricks although others believe that he has genuine psychic abilities. So why are […]

Florida Law Allows You To Break Someone’s Car Window If A Pet Is Overheating Inside

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has passed a recent bill making it legal to break into locked vehicles to rescue animals or vulnerable people believed to be in immediate danger of suffocation or other harm. The bill is in direct response to an increasing amount of suffocation and other harms involving pets and children were left […]

3000 Year Old Honey Discovered In An Ancient Egyptian Tomb Hadn’t Spoiled And Was Still Edible

170 kilometers west of Tbilisi, honey discovered there is believed to be made by bees that lived in Georgia 5,500 years ago. That’s around 2,000 years older than the honey found in Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s tomb, which was previously considered the oldest. As in ancient Egypt, in ancient Georgia, honey was placed in the tomb […]

The Monster Study

The Monster Study was a speech experiment on stuttering involving 22 orphan children in Davenport, Iowa in 1939. The person responsible for the study was Wendell Johnson at the University of Iowa. Under Johnson’s supervision, graduate student Mary Tudor conducted the experiment. In the study, half of the children received positive speech therapy, where the fluency […]