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Two U.S. federal agencies recently announced government systems were breached. A man was arrested for allegedly directing DDoS attacks on a California congressional candidate’s campaign site. Nations called out Russia for a cyber attack on Georgian websites. An alliance of cybersecurity firms is releasing open source tools to fix vulnerabilities.


As the WHO continues to respond to the massive outbreak of the novel coronavirus, health workers and government officials are working to reduce its negative effect on the economy and population before the virus becomes a global crisis.


The FBI & DOJ held a workshop concerning potential updates to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This comes as the EU called for Facebook to adapt to their rules rather than the other way around. Next week, the IRS is taking Facebook to trial over $9 billion in taxes.


Following the messy Iowa Caucuses, Democratic presidential candidates tried to win over undecided voters in New Hampshire, the first state to vote in the primaries. We went to some of the candidates' events and asked attendees who they support and why.


The #coronavirus rose to more than 24,000 cases and 494 deaths in #China. The US confirmed a person-to-person transmission of the virus. The #WHO announced it is taking further action to contain the outbreak inside and outside mainland China.


An investigation uncovered that Amazon’s Ring sends data to 3rd parties, creating a digital fingerprint of its users. The FCC concluded wireless carriers illegally sold user data using 911 location info. A county in Oregon and a private government contractor were compromised by ransomware hackers.


On Tuesday President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in the coastal New Jersey town of Wildwood. Tens of thousands stood in line for hours, some for up to 48 hours, to enter the convention center, which could only hold about 7000 people.


The State Department revised its China travel advisory to Level 3, urging visitors to reconsider traveling, while the epicenter of the Coronavirus epidemic in Hubei province has been raised to level 4 -- do not travel.


Chinese officials confirmed that a new strain of coronavirus has been transmitted human-to-human. Authorities are attempting to quarantine the virus amid the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations where many are expected to travel around China and abroad.


Yesterday, stark partisan divides loomed over 12 hours of negotiation over the rules of President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. We spoke to a few protesters outside the Capitol building during the trial to hear their thoughts on the proceedings.


The first member of the US Space Force was sworn in, SpaceX had another successful test and is preparing for another major milestone, a Japanese billionaire took applications for girlfriend to travel into space with him, and new discoveries were made in the universe.


As Australia experiences one of its worst bushfire seasons on record, claiming nearly 30 lives, over 2500 homes, and forests and farmland the size of Bulgaria, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a proposal to establish a royal commission into the the bushfire disaster and foreshadowed a potential change to climate policy. This also follows numerous reports on dozens arrested for arson and the role that human-made fires played in the scale of these fires.

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