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As the WHO continues to respond to the massive outbreak of the novel coronavirus, health workers and government officials are working to reduce its negative effect on the economy and population before the virus becomes a global crisis.


Following the messy Iowa Caucuses, Democratic presidential candidates tried to win over undecided voters in New Hampshire, the first state to vote in the primaries. We went to some of the candidates' events and asked attendees who they support and why.


The #coronavirus rose to more than 24,000 cases and 494 deaths in #China. The US confirmed a person-to-person transmission of the virus. The #WHO announced it is taking further action to contain the outbreak inside and outside mainland China.


21st Century Space Race IS ON, Spaceports and TOP-SECRET Satellites


The inventor of the internet rolled out a contract for the web aiming to get governments, companies, & internet users all on board to transform the internet for the public good after the Amnesty International released a report that Facebook and Google, who signed onto the contract, have an architecture of data surveillance as their business model.


Fresh clashes further escalated tensions in #HongKong this week following the death of a student who allegedly fell while trying to escape tear gas, police shooting another protester at close range, and a protester setting a man on fire following a confrontation. These new clashes resulted in school closures, road blocks, a late-night meeting at the Chief Executive’s house, a skull fractured by a tear gas canister and the death of an elderly cleaner after being hit with a projectile. The siege at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, or #CUHK, continues, leaving the school to consider seeking government assistance.


On Tuesday the #EastTurkistan National Awakening Movement, or #ETNAM, held a press conference to release coordinates of more suspected concentration and forced labor camps. Uyghurs, the ethnically #Turkic people who inhabit the area, are calling for the restoration of independence, as well as international oversight of potential atrocities happening in the region.

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