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Fresh clashes further escalated tensions in #HongKong this week following the death of a student who allegedly fell while trying to escape tear gas, police shooting another protester at close range, and a protester setting a man on fire following a confrontation. These new clashes resulted in school closures, road blocks, a late-night meeting at the Chief Executive’s house, a skull fractured by a tear gas canister and the death of an elderly cleaner after being hit with a projectile. The siege at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, or #CUHK, continues, leaving the school to consider seeking government assistance.


#Spain, #HongKong, and #France have faced intense protests and developments over the past week. Catalan pro-independence figures have been sentenced to years in jail, sparking protests in the Catalan region. In Hong Kong, the government responded unhappily to the US House of Representatives passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy act. In France, firefighters faced off against police during protests over working conditions and lack of resources.


Citywide Clashes in Hong Kong Against Government on Chinese National Day October 1st #HongKong #World


Sept 30: Police Clash with Protesters in Hong Kong before October 1st #world #hongkong


October 1st was #China National Day, but for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, it was dubbed the national day of mourning. All over #HongKong, people marched against the Hong Kong administration and the Chinese Communist Party. 


September 29th saw some of the most violent clashes between police and protesters in #HongKong so far. Just two days ahead of the National Day of the People's Republic of #China, protesters battled police in the street, throwing bricks, rocks, molotov cocktails, and other projectiles. Police fired tear gas, pepper balls, and water cannons at the protesters, but these were no ordinary water cannons.


Front Line Protester Explains Tactics, Communication within Hong Kong Movement The protests in #HongKong have been able to mobilize over a million people. The weeks of demonstrations have massive turnouts and the movement has five demands, one of which was met today by Chief Executive Carrie Lam-- withdrawing the extradition bill that kicked off the protests. Subverse News spoke with a protester on the front lines of the demonstrations about the tactics and strategies used to organize and communicate, as well as the challenges of #misinformation and more.

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