Now That Winter Storm Jonas Has Finished Here’s The Damage

Now That Winter Storm Jonas Has Finished Here’s The Damage

Now That Winter Storm Jonas Has Finished Here’s The Damage


The East Coast storm is over, however residents should not get too cozy just yet.  More precipitation is headed that way later in the week.

Winter storm Jonas has taken at least 31 people’s lives during a devastating 42″ of snow in some areas last Friday through Sunday.  Up and down the East Coast Jonas dropped several feet of snow affecting upwards of 80 million Americans.  A state of emergency was declared in eleven states and the Weather Channel stated that Jonas has set the record for being the single largest snowstorm in at least six locations.

Reagan International Airport in Washington, D.C. reported 17.8 inches of snow, New York’s Central Park received 26.8 inches, and 22.4 inches dropped in Philadelphia.  Allentown, Pennsylvania saw 31.9 inches; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, received 30.2 inches; the Baltimore-Washington International Airport saw 29.2 inches; JFK airport saw 30.5 inches and New York’s LaGuardia airport saw 27.9 inches.

Schools all along the East Coast were called off Monday due to catastrophic winter conditions, as well as over 1000 flights cancelled.

Power outages, strong winds, and downed electric lines left upwards of 90,000 people without power in New Jersey. Extreme flooding in Cape May, Wildwood, and Ocean City is only part of the devastation as more than 150,000 residents and businesses in North Carolina went without power on Saturday.

The weather Channel predicts a chance of slight precipitation later this week, but nowhere near the amount of Jonas. Experts warn to keep clear of falling icicles on buildings and to clear them from your residence if possible.