Why Butterflies Are Disgusting

Why Butterflies Are Disgusting

Why Butterflies Are Disgusting


Butterflies are such beautiful creatures…what could be gross about them? After taking a look at their eating habits we find that they can be down right nasty.


Okay, so when you were a kid, you were taught that butterflies feed on nectar, drinking their sugary meals from flowers and plants. This is definitely true. But nectar is only one food group for them, and all of those other nutrients have to come from somewhere.

After it rains outside, it’s it’s common to see a group of butterflies on the ground, slurping up mud. It is known as “mud-puddling” or simply “puddling” and scientists believe certain butterfly species do this to even out their salt, protein, amino acid, and nitrogen intake.


Butterflies simply love urine. Butterfly watchers take advantage of this fact all of the time. They love urine so much in fact that they will even drink their own, which is very unique. Aside from a few popular television survival show hosts, butterflies are the only animals here on Earth that recycle their tinkle.


If you’ve ever seen a butterfly house, you’ve probably seen happy children with butterflies on their arms and faces. “Mom it really likes me!” they say. Happy Child is mistaken. It’s not their personality it’s after, but their yummy sweat. Or most likely their tears. Butterflies have been  observed drinking the tears of caiman, and evidence suggests they commonly drink the tears of tortoises, too.


If Happy Child injures herself, a helpful butterfly will most likely be there to assist with cleaning up the blood. By drinking it all.