Inside DC’s Secret Underground #NeverTrump Watering Hole (VIDEO)

Inside DC’s Secret Underground #NeverTrump Watering Hole (VIDEO)

Inside DC’s Secret Underground #NeverTrump Watering Hole (VIDEO)


As the red ribbon was cut to mark the opening of Washington, DC’s Trump International Hotel and its luxurious bar — just a couple of miles away a secret underground #NeverTrump watering hole was also making its debut.

At Barrel on Pennsylvania Ave. on Friday evening, approximately 20 people were treated to snacks as they waited in line to make it into a secret second bar in the establishment’s basement, called Elixer. When you made it past the manager who was working the door, a sign overheard warned that “Locker Room Talk” was ahead.

“What gave us the idea I mean is pretty obvious,” general manager Mike Haigis told Subverse. “I mean, there’s this avalanche of absurdity coming from one political candidate and we’re six blocks from the Capitol.”

After making your way down the stairs and into a long hallway, visitors are greeted by sixty photos of people, companies, and even inanimate objects that Trump has insulted — a reverse Wall of Shame, of sorts.


Once inside the dimly lit basement bar, there was barely room to move amid the massive crowd. Smiling bar goers passed around a cardboard cutout of the candidate with a hole in the face that people could step in and attempt their best Trump impersonations for photos.


“The entire thing is anti-Trump, unquestionably,” Haigis said. “One hundred percent in condemnation.”

The cocktail menu was massively oversized so that drinkers could experience the illusion of having tiny hands. On the menu? Drinks named after Trump’s most shocking quotes.


The “I beat China all the time. All the time,” contains Baiju, pineapple, mint, lemon, sugar and Chinese Five Spice. The “How stupid are the people of Iowa,” contains Bourbon, Atol de Elote, Ancho Reyes, and chocolate bitters.

The last drink to be added to the menu was the “I moved on her like a bitch—when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything…grab them right by the pussy.” It contains Civic Vodka from Republic Restoratives, specifically because it is the first female owned distillery in the district.

“This was said the day we were supposed to debut the menu, and it was the only one which we kind of internally tussled with whether or not to put on. At the end of the day we decided it would be a cop out if we didn’t,” Haigis explained.

“We called Republic Restoratives, which is the first female owned distillery in DC they make the vodka for this, so with their permission we included them — just as a way to kind of say at least we are doing something nice. If there’s even 1% thing of good that could comes from putting that on a piece of paper that could be it I guess.”

Most of the cocktails are $13, an exception being the “part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich,” a $50 mint julep that is served in a flashy gold Julep cup, so that it looks extra expensive.

The Trump bar will be open and “making cocktails great again” at least through Saturday. They have vowed to stay open longer if Clinton wins and Trump contests it, however.

On election night, the entire bar including upstairs will be receiving the Trump makeover.