Five Times Jill Stein Was a Total Badass

Five Times Jill Stein Was a Total Badass

Five Times Jill Stein Was a Total Badass


Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein may not be polling high enough for a realistic shot at the oval office, but she has gained a loyal base of grassroots support — deservedly, because she is a badass.

In honor of Stein’s bold words and actions, we have decided to honor the candidate with a list of five times she has blown our mind, in no particular order.

When she was arrested in 2012, for bringing food and Halloween candy to demonstrators who had been out protesting the Keystone XL pipeline for 38 days.

She was charged with criminal trespassing, a class B misdemeanor.

“The climate is taking this election by storm, breaking the silence of the Obama and Romney campaigns that have been bought and paid for by the oil, coal and gas companies,” Stein said in a statement prior  to her arrest. “Hurricane Sandy is just a taste of what’s to come under the climate destroying policies of Romney and Obama.”

That time she spent a night in jail for “disorderly conduct” after protesting the fact that she was excluded from the second presidential debate in 2012.

“It wasn’t just me that was being locked out; it was the American public, who were clamoring for more voices and more choices,” Dr. Stein told Now This at the time. “As a candidate on the ballot for 85% of voters in the 2012 election, it felt like it was an utter violation of our democratic rights as a people to have another choice and another voice locked out of that debate.”

When she spray painted construction equipment during the Dakota Access Pipeline protest on September, 6, 2016.

Stein was charged in Morton County with misdemeanor counts of criminal trespass and criminal mischief for her actions in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. They are currently attempting to stop construction of a section of the pipeline which would poison the water of millions of people if it should ever leak.

How outspoken and unwavering she has been about her belief that Hillary Clinton is more dangerous than Donald Trump — despite it being a wildly unpopular opinion to express on the left.

Stein has received massive criticism from liberal media outlets and Twitter trolls for standing her ground on her stance that Clinton is the most dangerous candidate, but she will not back down on the issue.

“Well, we know what kind of Secretary of State she was,” Stein told a reporter in October. “[Hillary] is in incredible service to Wall Street and to the war profiteers. She led the way in Libya and she’s trying to start an air war with Russia over Syria, which means, if Hillary gets elected, we’re kinda going to war with Russia, folks…a nuclear-armed power.”

“Donald Trump, I think, will have a lot of trouble moving things through Congress,” Stein told Politico in September. “Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, won’t … Hillary has the potential to do a whole lot more damage, get us into more wars, faster to pass her fracking disastrous climate program, much more easily than Donald Trump could do his.”

When she was escorted from Hofstra campus in September for attempting to attend this year’s presidential debate — which she was once again barred from participating in.

“Our supporters are going to attempt to escort Jill in. We are expecting they will be unsuccessful,” Stein spokeswoman Meleiza Figueroa said in a statement priot to Stein being escorted from the campus.

We can’t help but hope to see her continue her political aspirations by running for Senate or Congress — where she can take her fight directly to the politicians. That is, if she doesn’t make it to the White House this year.