Making Halloween Great Again: Trumpkins Are EVERYWHERE

Making Halloween Great Again: Trumpkins Are EVERYWHERE

Making Halloween Great Again: Trumpkins Are EVERYWHERE


With elections falling just after Halloween, we almost always end up seeing people making political statements through their costume choices and jack-o-lanterns — this year’s invent of the Trumpkin is really something special, though.

“The great thing about the Trumpkin is that it works for both Trump supporters and opponents. Fans of Trump can show their pride by decorating their front porch, and Trump haters can smash their Trumpkins or watch them rot,” Brian Koerber of Mashable noted of the craze.

From lazy “idk not Trump tho” displays:

To creepy school projects:

Trumpkins are absolutely everywhere.

Almost all of these jack-o-lantern artists have something snarky to caption photos of their pumpkin art with, such as “orange on the outside, hollow on the inside, and generally seedy.”

Or, “I make the best pumpkins, ok? Everybody knows my pumpkins are the best.”

This guy actually wore his to a parade, and was spotted by Trump supporters who enjoyed the parody and posed for a photo.

Others simply want to “make Halloween great again.”

Naturally, Trump isn’t the only one being temporarily memorialized in the festive orange vegetable.

One Trump supporter turned theirs into a prison for Clinton.

Clinton fans have also made jack-o-lanterns to show their support for her.

This person decided to make detailed versions of both candidates — using paint for the faces and adding real hair.

Another woman decided to go all in, creating giant Clinton, Trump, and even — Vladimir Putin — jack-o-lanterns for her display.

If you would like to create your own Trumpkin, but are artistically challenged, like so many of us are, you can download your own free stencil here or purchase a slightly easier one here for just under $3. If you are pressed for time (or really don’t care all that much) a simple silhouette of the candidate can be printed out here.