“The Force Awakens” Is A Remake Of “A New Hope” And Here’s Why

“The Force Awakens” Is A Remake Of “A New Hope” And Here’s Why

“The Force Awakens” Is A Remake Of “A New Hope” And Here’s Why


[SPOILERS] As soon as I had heard that J.J. Abrams was going to write, direct, and produce Star wars episode VII I had a bad feeling. I had written about the guy before, back when he directed the first Star Trek reboot and from everything I’d learned about the guy, he is a mediocre writer at best. To be clear, I think episode VII is an amazing movie, I just dont think J.J. had anything to do with writing it.

I have never kept interest in anything he’s written for very long. His most notable works include Lost, Fringe, Super 8, and he wrote the screenplay for Armageddon but from what I remember it was pretty generic. I watched Lost and Fringe for a few seasons before I couldn’t stand how crazy the writing was anymore. I watched Super 8 as well and didn’t care for it at all. It seems that the pictures he has writing control over always end up like shit. I will admit that I have no problems with the films and television shows that he directed or produced but wasn’t allowed to write for. The Star Trek reboots for example, which seem to be well done in my opinion.

So after all this, when I had first realized that “Star Wars episode VII The Force Awakens” was a good movie, I knew he didn’t actually write it. This movie was written by George Lucas over forty years ago and here’s why…

The story starts off with a droid who is given the task of protecting and delivering an important data file by a rebel while the main antagonist is close behind.

The rebel is then taken prisoner by the villain while the droid escapes and ends up lost on a desert planet. The droid then finds it’s way to a young hero, who unknowingly possesses the power of the force.

Soon after the hero meets a young man who helps the droid and hero escape the planet on the Millennium Falcon while being chased by enemy troopers who are trying to catch the droid and its data file.

While flying their ship away from the desert planet the Millennium Falcon gets abducted by a larger ship and the heroes decide to hide in the floor.

The group of heroes then become caught up in a battle aboard the larger ship and eventually use the Millennium Falcon to escape.

The group then meets up with rebels and during a meeting, realize that there is a structural flaw in the giant weapon ball and if they shoot it, the weapon ball will explode.

Space battle ensues, they shoot the weapons weak spot, giant weapon ball explodes, but not before the villain escapes.

The ending of episode VII plays out in a scene that would be comparable to Luke Skywalker finding Yoda and then the camera zooming out while hinting that Yoda is going to train him in the next movie. All of which I don’t doubt would have been in episode IV if “The Empire strikes back” had already been green lit when they were still writing the screen play for it.

Here are some other scenes that appeared in both movies but in a different order…

— The wise old hero gets killed by the antagonist that was once like a son to him.
— The heroes chat aboard the Millennium Falcon about the existence of “the force.”
— A bar scene full of various species of aliens.
— The young jedi to be receives an old lightsaber.
— A young woman is rescued from the villains weapon ball/head quarters.
— The villain fires the giant weapon ball and destroys an innocent planet.