Star Wars: Episode VII – It Was All A Hoax!

Star Wars: Episode VII – It Was All A Hoax!

Star Wars: Episode VII – It Was All A Hoax!


Over the last few days many reports have been made that a British chef named Alex Rolt portrayed the stormtrooper named TR-8R. The truth is that this is all an elaborate hoax created by the unknown actor.

Crawley News, Tech Insider, and Morning Advertiser have all reported that this is true. Someone has even created a Wookiepedia page dedicated to Rolt. These reports seem to be mostly based off of Rolt tweeting “Response I’ve had to playing this character has been phenomenal, thank you @starwars #Traitor #AlexRolt #Trooper.”
The truth is that TR-8R was portrayed by the movies stunt master. A Chinese man by the name of Liang. In an interview with John Boyega and Daisy Ripley, Boyega says that Liang played TR-8R.

Here Liang can be seen wearing a stormtrooper uniform.

On his facebook page, Rolt has also said “I hope to return to episode 8 if Star Wars will have me.” As if he is completely unaware that Episode VIII is set to begin filming this month.

In the realm of hoaxes this wasn’t a very good one. I believe the idea behind a good hoax would be to leave it unable to be proven wrong, he must’ve known this wouldn’t last.

Disney has not acknowledged this hoax and Rolt has since taken down his Facebook and Twitter accounts, but not his Instagram. Check it out for a few laughs.