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A couple months ago I started a gratitude journal where every single day I would write down 5 things that I was grateful for. Now fast-forward to a couple months later and I wanted to see what it was that I was most grateful for. Turns out that 90% of the things that I wrote […]
Anyone who believes that sexuality is a choice should probably check this video out. The Human project has taken on this experiment in order to find out whether or not any lesbian would be turned “on” by kissing a male. Of course it would be awkward if you do not know the person before being […]
Tetris is a classic 80’s game that has addictively passed the time for millions of us throughout the years. If you have ever found yourself closing your eyes and dreaming about those falling tetrominos, then you have experienced the Tetris effect. The Tetris effect or (Tetris Syndrome) becomes noticeable after prolonged periods of game play. […]