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FBI Director James Comey was reportedly warned by the Justice Department against sending a letter to Congress regarding the discovery of new emails relevant to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and the Justice Department, firmly stood against Comey sending the letter — and “the position of the department was […]
Militarized police are using less lethal weapons as they begin removing the peaceful protesters who have been blocking construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Hundreds of cops #NoDAPL pic.twitter.com/qJjzZ3D2a7 — Ruth Hopkins (@RuthHHopkins) October 27, 2016 On Thursday morning, police moved in on the camp — where hundreds of protesters are have been standing with […]
While Hillary Clinton repeatedly promises to “defend the Affordable Care Act,” her husband seems to have some trouble keeping his mouth shut — and has criticized it yet again on the campaign trail. Clinton’s campaign website states she will “stand up to Republican-led attacks on this landmark law—and build on its success to bring the […]
James O’Keefe, the controversial guerilla journalist producing undercover videos of Democratic Party operatives for Project Veritas, has released a third video — which he says implicates Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile directly. O’Keefe had announced that the video was coming on Friday, and warned that he had a deadman’s switch set up to release it […]
Wikileaks repeated their warning that they have a “surprise” for Tim Kaine on Sunday in response to a tweet from Meet the Press — but the vice presidential hopeful says that he isn’t worried. The controversial organization first announced that they have a surprise for Kaine, as well as Democratic Party chairwoman Donna Brazile in […]
A new poll has revealed that most Americans disagree with the FBI’s decision not to file criminal charges against Hillary Clinton — that means more people want to see the candidate behind bars than behind a desk in the oval office. Of 1,000 voters polled by Rasmussen Reports on October 18 and 19; 65% believe […]
Reuters has projected Hillary Clinton will win the election with 326 electoral votes to Trump’s 212 — weeks before voters even go to the polls. “This week, we project Clinton will win at least 322 electoral votes and Trump at least 174, and our simulation shows Clinton’s chance of winning is about 95%,” Reuter’s reported […]
At a rally in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, Donald Trump announced to huge applause that he will be suing the Democratic National Committee for inciting violence at his rallies — based on the guerilla undercover work of Project Veritas. Trump’s statement follows the release of a series of undercover videos by controversial journalist James O’Keefe, […]
In the aftermath of a leaked video in which Donald Trump bragged about sexual assault, at least 30 prominent Republican leaders have called on the candidate to drop out of the presidential race. Yesterday, the Washington Post released footage from 2005 of Trump speaking crudely about sexually assaulting women. “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — […]
On Sept. 26, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went head to head with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the first presidential debate. Both candidates, throughout the night, made claims that carried varying degrees of dishonesty or misinformation. Here are the facts behind some of the biggest claims made that night:   On jobs leaving Michigan […]
Amid rumors Donald Trump would soften his stance on immigration, he released his definitive 10-point plan for immigration reform that garnered the praise of conservative voters from around the country. In the initial months of his campaign, Trump quickly gained support from Republican voters for his promises to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants and […]