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With elections falling just after Halloween, we almost always end up seeing people making political statements through their costume choices and jack-o-lanterns — this year’s invent of the Trumpkin is really something special, though. “The great thing about the Trumpkin is that it works for both Trump supporters and opponents. Fans of Trump can show their pride by decorating […]
A man in Portland, Maine, was arrested on Monday afternoon for obstructing traffic — while dressed as a tree. Asher A. Woodworth, 30, was covered in evergreen branches and standing in the middle of a busy intersection in the heart of Portland’s arts district when police arrived. Initially, the officers just assisted him in walking […]
As college tuition continues to leave millennials in crippling debt, one student has come up with a plan to try and have those bills taken care of — she’s blackmailing Disney on Twitter. The woman was at a restaurant at the Disneyland theme park in Southern California when she noticed an extremely bold rat channeling […]