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Over the last few days many reports have been made that a British chef named Alex Rolt portrayed the stormtrooper named TR-8R. The truth is that this is all an elaborate hoax created by the unknown actor. Crawley News, Tech Insider, and Morning Advertiser have all reported that this is true. Someone has even created […]
On christmas, Radiohead frontman, Thom Yorke tweeted out a song called “Spectre” that they had written for the new Bond film of the same name. Listen to it below. Last year we were asked to write a tune for Bond movie Spectre. Yes we were ……….. — Thom Yorke (@thomyorke) December 25, 2015 … It […]
During China’s Three Kingdoms period there was a brilliant general and master strategist of Shu Han named Chuko “Sleeping Dragon” Liang. During the War of the Three Kingdoms, he had sent a majority of his soldiers many miles away before he was alerted that an opposing army of 150,000 was headed towards the small town they were in. With no more than 100 soldiers left […]