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Father Holds Doctors At Gunpoint To Saves Son’s Life

A father who took a gun into hospital to stop doctors taking from his son off life support has had charges reduced because his actions ‘saved his life’. According to the Daily Mail George Pickering II, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after entering the Tomball Regional Medical Center […]

Scientists Discover Weird New Species Of Shark That Glows In The Dark

Scientists have discovered a strange new species of shark and dubbed it the “Ninja Lanternshark.” It was discovered by a team at the Pacific Shark Research Center. Its official Latin name is Etmopterus benchleyi, after “Jaws” author Peter Benchley. The name was thought up by cousins of researcher Vicky Vasquez. The Ninja Lanternshark is about […]

Student Lied About Rape So She Could Retake Exams

A student has been given a sentence of two years for lying about being raped to retake her exams. Naima Shireen Mirza claimed she had been attacked twice, five months apart by the same man. But her allegations that cost thousands to investigate were broken apart when the police discovered that the man she was […]

When A Social Experiment Asked Lesbians To Kiss Men

Anyone who believes that sexuality is a choice should probably check this video out. The Human project has taken on this experiment in order to find out whether or not any lesbian would be turned “on” by kissing a male. Of course it would be awkward if you do not know the person before being […]